Hi! Find bellow a few projects, prototypes and designs that I've been working lately. Please note in all of them I was in charge of Visual Design, Code and UX. Enjoy!
Mixed Reality Maker
A Unity tool to create and deploy Hololens experiences in seconds with no code!
Visual UI in Maquette
A quick visual experiment made completely in VR using Microsoft Maquette. 
Movie 3D Storyboard sample
A scene exploring how to use VR for movie storyboarding. Made completely in VR using Microsoft Maquette. 

Maquette interaction improvements
A few features and improvements I introduced and coded into Microsoft Maquette.

Space Scumm
A VR prototype for a point-and-click adventure game.
Made in Unity for Oculus Quest
Gas Alerts inspector
A VR prototype that shows the different alerts from sensors in a ship.
Made in Unity for Oculus Quest
Paint3D for Virtual reality
A VR prototype that explores how Microsoft Paint3D could have been implemented in VR.
Made in Unity for OpenVR.
Paint3D from Desktop to VR
Microsoft wanted to explore the transition experience between PC and VR. This is a prototype that provides a seamless experience between both worlds.
Made in Unity.
Paint3D Animation
A PC prototype that explores how Microsoft Paint3D could have implemented animation in a simple and user friendly way.
Made in Unity.
Paint3D Free Camera interaction.
Manipulating 3D objects in a screen is complicated. In paint 3D we tried to simply the process so anyone could use easily.
Made in Unity.
Paint3D Layer management
Paint 3D meant to be a simple app but some use cases made the use of layers unavoidable so I explored new and simpler ways to manage layers.
Made in Unity.
Paint3D 3D painting
Creating 3D shapes using a mouse is a very technical process. This is an exploration about how to simplify this and make it more similar to the 2D doodling.
Made in Unity.
Paint3D - Early prototype
One of the main goals in Paint3D was to keep its interaction and mental model as similar as possible to the old MsPaint. In this first exploration that heavily influenced the final version, I explored the idea of not having a camera but a "Depth handler" so people can move each object in XY and Z.
Made in WPF.
Paint3D Mixed Reality version
An exploration of how Paint3D could the use in Hololens.
Made in Unity.
Rock The Stage
A VR game similar to RockBand where the player can play the guitar, drums of sing.
Made in Unity.
2.5D Iconography
An exploration of how to use Fluent design icons in 3D without loosing its meaning or readability. 
Made in 3D Max.
Easy 3D shape creation
Creating shapes can't get easier than this in VR. Draw, extrude and subtract!
2.5D Thumbnails for VR
Showing a library of 3D objects in VR is tricky because we can't just load them all at once. In order to sort that out, I created this system that shows a volumetric thumbnail using just an RGBA texture.We can now load lots of 3D objects in our gallery! We can even make it into a volumetric orb!
Portal Thumbnails for VR
In my personal crusade against flat thumbnails in VR, I expored the idea of portal thumbnails for grid views.
Better 3D Annotations using portals
Laying out information in a readable way is hard in VR. Even just a few floating notes become a spatial mess quickly. In this prototype I explored the use of portals to split the working model into meaningful views that are easier to work with and understand.
View sharing in Hololens
Sometimes when a bunch of people are reviewing the same model in the same room is hard to focus into a detail because everyone has to move to an specific location. This idea shows how to share a stereoscopic point of view so everyone can see details without having to move.
3D Spline to 3D Shape tool
An exploration of how to work with splines in VR and getting them into 3D shapes easily.
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